Game modes

CryptoSpaceShip is a browser strategy game where everything happens on the blockchain. The hero of the game the CSS Token evolves and gain experience in different games, regardless of whether he wins or loses some experience points always adds up.

As it evolves, it will gain certain advantages that every CSS Token owner has to choose.

To be able to play it is necessary to have a CSS Token, it can be purchased directly in the game portal or alternatively in any seconday market.

The CSS Token that are sold in the portal are basic, this means that they are not evolved.

Each CSS owner can play all the time he wants and then sell it at any price he wish once he had evolved.


A lucrative variant for experimented players is to evolve CSS tokens and selling them with certain evolved aquiered.

King of the hill

King of the hill, or in this case King of the planet, is a CryptoSpaceShip game mode where you have to conquer the only planet present on the map and defend it for a certain number of blocks.

Once the planet is conquered and maintained by the requested blocks, you can claim victory, claiming the accumulated pot.

Each time a planet is taken from its owner, the condition is restarted and the new candidate has to kee it for the amount of blocks requested.


In order to conquer the planet, first you have to take it from the natives.

Characteristics of the current version

  • Current versión: 1.5
  • Map size:
    • Maximum: 64x64
    • Minimum: 12x12
  • Resourses Density
    • Maximum: 10
    • Minimum: 1
  • CSS Hull Generation: Gen 0 - Conection with 2 QAIM
  • Victory Condition: 100000 / estimated blocks time